Any news article about Oxfordshire's very own heartthrob George Clooney is, in all honesty, likely to attract my attention but as a property lawyer an article about George and a planning dispute over a fence really does tick all the boxes!

It would appear that George has upset local planners by erecting a green mesh fence along the edge of the Thames where it adjoins his garden. An enforcement notice was served but although the deadline for removing the fence expired a month ago it is still very much in place. This despite the fact that George has consent to erect a much more tasteful wicker fence 12 yards from the river bank.

For purely professional reasons of course I will be keeping a close eye on this story - it will be interesting to see whether local planners take action to remove the fence themselves or allow matters to run on unresolved. Having helped out a number of disgruntled clients over the years upset at what they felt was heavy handed treatment from local planners I wonder whether George will be given special treatment because of his celebrity status.