It's amazing how few people know about the land registry's free property alert service. We're seeing more and more in the press about fraudulent property transactions yet less than 2% of property owners are signed up to the service. 

So, if you're one of the 98% who haven't taken advantage what's it all about? Put simply all you have to do is register with the land registry and ask to be notified if any applications are made which affect (up to 10) registered titles in which you have an interest. If a third party attempts to deal with one of those properties without your involvement you receive an email alert and can take immediate action. 

Just imagine, if someone steals your identity and takes out a fraudulent mortgage on your house wouldn't you rather know at the time so you could prevent it being registered? Or would you rather find out and have to deal with the issue in 5 years' time when you come to sell the property? I know which option I'd prefer.

It takes less than 5 minutes... do it now! I promise it's worth the effort.