Oh very dear.

Debenhams have ended up on the wall of shame as the worst offender in the Government's biggest ever list of companies that have paid their staff below the national minimum and living wage.

Debenhams in particular have been found to have failed to pay £134,894 to some 11,858 (which actually works out to be around £11.38 per worker) workers.

A spokesman for Debenhams explained that this was a consequence of an issue with their payroll system (I suspect they may have moved on from their previous provider).

Companies should be aware that the new national minimum wage requires employers to pay at least £7.20 per hour to employees aged 25+. The minimum hourly wage for workers between 21 and 24 is £6.70.

It would be helpful for companies to make note of this, or we could end up taking note of you on the Government's wall of shame!