This book, The Anatomy of Peace, is one that falls into the category of 'the books that changed my life'!

I read it over the Christmas break last year, and mulled over several situations and it gave me some powerful insights and ideas to resolve problems and conflict.  Whilst I can't provide details here, I can look back over this year at 4 or 5 situations that I think were resolved due to the application of principles I gleaned from this book. Some of them actual cases in litigation, others were team based, and others more close to home.

As a Dispute Resolution lawyer, I seem to attract conflict and difficult situations ! But this book caused me to think about conflict a lot more deeply, and not just looking out at the world, but it also held up a mirror to see some realisations about myself. 

Whether its power struggles in a global conglomerate, tension within a community or workplace, or strained family relationships - this book will give you a fresh approach and understanding. 

Enjoy !